A Cathedral with proper ambience

Having a hobby is great. Combining two is out this world! Read on and I’ll explain.

This time I stopped by the Sipoo cathedral, well in the middle of the night, actually. The village of Nikkilä actually has two churches, an medeival one, and then this from the 19th century. While the population was growing, they needed a new one, pretty practical thinking (exaclty what you would expect from a group of Finns).

I remembered, that the church is lit pretty nicely and is visible from far. This one night the temperature was around zero and the weather was really misty. This combination was just as beautiful as I thought it would be. And now comes the best part.

A colleague of mine had watched my videos and mentioned one day, that I should use some royalty-free music as background. I actually had thought of that and had tried some from YouTube’s offering, but they really didn’t hit me at all.

So, I decided to try and compose my very own ambient music! I had some sort of idea, what would suit the video and just went to explore my never-used Ableton Live Lite that came with my guitar amplifier. I was surprised how much I liked the final song and I think it adds signicantly to the atmosphere and ambience of the video. So here you go!

Feel free to comment how you found the combination of my music and the video! I recommend listening with a decent pair of headsets, the bass is pretty deep.